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Contact Information

Club Officers

Office Name E-Mail Phone
President Tonya Sies 989-392-5196
Vice President Doug Young 989-213-1751
Secretary Todd Gould 989-550-8800
Treasurer Tom Burzyck 989-385-4834
Linwood Exec. Officer Ken MacConnell 989-326-0541
Munger Exec. Officer Mike Rytlewski 989-894-2726

Board of Directors

Name E-Mail Phone
Mike Kasper N/A
DJ Beebe 989-225-0584
Steve Hockman N/A

Activity Coordinators

Activity Name E-Mail Phone
Women's Events Heidi Hockman 989-992-0823
Big Bore Rifle Scott Schindehette 989-497-0702
Bullseye Pistol Herb Mathes 989-684-3109
IDPA Ted Beauchamp 989-686-8872
IDPA Steve Hockman 989-714-9717
3GunNation Don Finkbeiner N/A
Trap / Sporting Clays Jim Bourassa 989-697-3854
Hunter's Safety Cy Brefka N/A N/A

Media Contacts

Media Name E-Mail Phone
Webmaster Shaun Crawford Open Ticket N/A
Newsletter Ron Rabine 586-246-7509

Rental & Event Scheduling

If you have questions or would like to inquire about reserving a date for an event contact Tonya Sies.

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